6 Week Course

6 Week Course




I offer a six-week program that addresses getting and staying fit as we age.

It’s focus is on balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance.My goal for the next six weeks is to offer you more than a few workouts and nutritional strategies. Each week I will coach you on a different aspect of principles we all live with, yet may not be fully aware how to use them to your benefit. Each week will build on the previous week. By the end of six weeks, my hope is you will be excited, motivated, inspired, and empowered.

My program is for you if: you have never worked out, you are getting started after a break, or you are just frustrated by following programs geared toward the 20-30 something’s. It is a simple to follow exercise program, which also includes easy to live with eating strategies. More than anything else, I offer you information, encouragement, and support as you wade through the sometimes-turbulent waters of aging and menopause.

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