So, what did happen when you turned 40? 45? 50? Do you look in the mirror and ask, “Whose body is that?” Did diet and exercise get a lot harder… with less result? Does weight loss not happen like it once did in your 20’s and 30’s?

We need a new approach to health and fitness as we age, and I can help you find yours.

Here are some facts: Women on average lose 3- 5% of their muscle mass every decade past the age of 40. When we diet aggressively, we risk losing more muscle mass, which lowers our metabolism (muscle burns calories at a higher rate than fat). We begin to lose our proprioception as we age, which is key for balance. Our endurance wanes over the years, and unless we are actively pursuing our flexibility, it too will become a thing of the past. As we age our hormone levels shift from a nice rhythmic ebb and flow to what feels more like all or nothing. This happens to both men and women!

GOOD NEWS!!!! We can still be fit, active, vibrant, strong, flexible, and well balanced as we age. We do not need to take aging lying down. We can get out there and hike hills, ride bikes, swim with grandchildren. Let’s put fitness in a whole new light!!

I’m 54 years old. I have had a fitness program all of my adult life. Many older, wiser women told me over the years, “It’s so much harder to maintain fitness and to lose weight in your 50’s.” I’m ashamed to say, I thought these gals were simply not working as hard as they once did. I didn’t get it until now, now that I am living it!

With this in mind, I offer a six-week program that addresses getting and staying fit as we age. It’s focus is on balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

My program is for you if: you have never worked out, you are getting started after a break, or you are just frustrated by following programs geared toward the 20-30 something’s. It is a simple to follow exercise program, which also includes easy to live with eating strategies. More than anything else, I offer you information, encouragement, and support as you wade through the sometimes-turbulent waters of aging and menopause.

I have always recognized the value of support and accountability. This site gives you the opportunity to be part of a private Facebook page; to chat and compare notes with women of the same age. It offers a way to challenge, uplift, educate, and even commiserate with other women with the same challenges you face.

I also offer private coaching sessions if the 6 week program is not what you are seeking at this time.

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